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Oficiální stránka jeho svátosti 14 . Dalailamy
Oficiální stránka jeho svátosti 14 . Dalailamy
SPORT je dobrá věc ale pořádat olymiádu v Číně je docela úlet
On July 13 2001, the International Olympic Committee will decide which city will hold the 2008 Olympics. Beijing is the front runner and fervently hopes that if it wins the bid it will replace the view of the city as one that is synonymous with the events of Tiananmen Square in 1989. If Beijing were to win, it would also use the Games to try to turn the world's attention away from China's deteriorating human rights situation and its continuing occupation of Tibet. The Chinese authorities would also use the Games as a huge propaganda exercise as proof that the world does not care about the situation in Tibet and China.
Chodím sice do Číny na oběd ale jinak maj u mě útrum :-))

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